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E.A.K. (Erase All Kittens) is an online platform game, made by Drum Roll, that teaches kids to code and create on the web. It does this in a unique way - by encouraging them to hack into levels, written in HTML and CSS (the languages of websites) - in order to complete the game.

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We made E.A.K. because we want kids to be creators rather than just consumers, in our increasingly digital world. Our aim is to provide kids with their first steps towards digital literacy in the most entertaining way possible.

You are Arca - a mysterious little creature who was banished to the ruins of the Ancient Internet. Your only friends were kittens, but now they are all going missing. There have been horrifying rumours of cute fluffy animals turning to the dark side... but one thing's for certain, you must venture away from your home or risk being alone forever.

You have to build ledges to pave your way across perilous caves, create portals that lead to exotic internet lands, change the colour of skies so you can see malevolent dinglebats, and much more, to save your furry little friends.

Peaches Jerome and Bob, Squirrel of the South Seas

E.A.K. is free and open source. We need your help building, testing, and translating the game to make it great.

  • If you're a teacher in the UK or know anyone who is, we'd love to visit and observe classes playing our game.
  • If you're a teacher outside of the UK, it would be great if you could play the game with your students, and tell us what you think.
  • We're also keen to chat to developers, designers, educators, and anyone else who would like to help us build E.A.K.

Contact us at [email protected], and fill out the details below to keep up to date with all things E.A.K.